Getting Settled and Pretty

WOW. HOW long has it been since I’ve posted last? Opps. See what moving across the country will do for you?

We’ve been in Nashville for six months already, which is impossible to believe. But we’ve finally settled and gotten things pretty much in working order. Now we’re working on making everything “pretty.” Since David wants to crush his head every time I mention wanting to paint (we’re renting), I’ve now moved to sewing things.

In Los Angeles, we had  a separate tub and shower – which had a glass door. So, we haven’t had a shower curtain in 8 years. And when I unpacked the one my mom made me when I graduate from college, it was stained and totally outdated. That wasn’t going to make things pretty, so of course, PORJECT!

Our bathroom is extremely tiny, but thank goodness it has a window so you don’t feel like you’re pottying in a cave. But, when a shower curtain is hanged, all the light is blocked. I can’t have that, I love natural light. I solved the problem with a split shower curtain: two panels hanging on either side of the shower, leaving the middle open for the light to shine through. After searching all over town and not seeing a fabric I loved…well, one I loved that I was willing to pay for. The price of fabric these days is crazy!…I saved a TON by using a Dwell table cloth from Target that matched perfectly! (Note: Cutting the table cloth and hemming evenly to where the pattern matches is the BIGGEST pain in the *&%^. Fair warning for those of you who want to follow suit).

The new shower panels paired with the purdy embroidered towels my mom gave us looks killer, don’t you think?

Mr. Sarge agrees; and his apporval is rarely bestowed.


This whole project was also inspired by the custom shower curtain I made for my cousin, Lisa. Her posting will be coming shortly.


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