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Covered Bumpkins

I have been paring up with Femi at Coralily Photography in the past months. We are having a grand ol’ time exploring new fabrics, ideas and designs for her photoshoots.  When she booked a set of newborn twins (a boy and girl), we knew we needed soft & yummy, but really quick and easy. Moving one newborn with waking him is one thing, but two – all bets are off.  After searching around for ideas, diaper covers were the winner.

I did two test runs with simple, natural muslin.

Then made the two “real” covers in matching cotton fabric: one in blue and one in pink. All turned out beautifully.



Guess which ones Femi loved the most? Yup, the test muslin ones. Figures.


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Christmas is in the Bag

Every year at Christmas I bake tons of Walsh Cheese Wafers for our friends. Each year I look for a new cute way to wrap them. Last year, I use personalized tags from Perideau Designs. This year we stepped it up to their personalized muslin bags and they were a HIT! 


I loved how I could choose a variety of colors and designs to satisfy the different holidays (Hanukkah and Christmas). I love the fact there are no tags to fall of or get lost and our friends can re-use them; perhaps to store extra light bulbs, batteries or ornament hooks for the holidays next year. 

 And get excited, Bridgett has designs for these bags for Valentine’s Day – perfect to send to school with the kids or to the office filled with treats…or just to fill for yourself. Yum.

Check out her blog for details –

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There ARE Angels in Los Angeles!

About 8 months ago, Jeff from Project Angel Food’s Divine Design approached Li’l Bumpkin about donating items to their annual charity shopping event that benefits AIDS research. I got about five words into the email and he had me; I was in. I’ll do anything to make people’s lives a little happier and more hopeful.

I buddied up with PIVOT Furniture to create a Lush Baby Giveaway : a Li’l Bumpkin Bankie and Giraffe and a PIVOT 1 Hour Design Consultation, Walnut Playing Blocks and a Walnut Shadow Box.


The Shopping night was unreal; Divine Design managed to completely fill an entire Robinsons-May department building with donated items from lip gloss to entire bedroom sets. I couldn’t get over how much generosity was piled in on place at one time. I was so touched and honored to be a tiny part of it.


It was so exciting to see our donation displayed and hear people oogle over it!


Hopefully next year, Li’l Bumpkin will be able to donate a slew of bankies, quilts, burp cloths, bibs and more. I would love to be able to afford to ship a truck load of goodies. Oooo, perhaps I’ll get a ton of Etsy shops to do that same – imagine, a whole section! Love. Any of you sellers, let me know if you’re interested. I’ll get your info to Jeff.


The GORGEOUS walnut blocks are from Little Saplings Toys. Their products are phenomenal and they are a joy to work with. Check them out: or

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Dutch Bros., How I Love Thee

In the large world of large business tycoons, it’s not often a customer gets a directly communicate with any business. But in my little world, it happens.

Dutch Bros. Coffee is by far the most awesome coffee on the planet. Ok, I know the planet is very large and I haven’t sampled every coffee to be had, but Dutch Bros. Coffee still ranks #1 in my book. GO TEAM DUTCHY!

Get ready for another story from my galavamp up the Pacific Northwest Coast! You know you were hoping for more, you love it.

I’m a major fan of local, Mom & Pop restaurants and stores. No offense Starbucks, your Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Latte rock my world, but I want more variety in my coffee world. Good for you for being successful, I applaud you, yay! But honestly, there are more Starbucks locations than there are churches in the South. It’s a little out of control. So, with due respect, my goal while traveling the coast was NOT to go to Starbucks…yes, even in Seattle. I was determined to find every other coffee shop and give them my moolah. And because of that, David and I discovered DUTCH BROS. COFFEE!!! Oh, my life is richer for it.

We were in Newport, OR staying in the most classiest hotels, The Money Saver Moter Inn (What you’re picturing in your mind right now is probably right on target). Right across the street was a Dutch Bros. Coffee stand. It’s a free-standing hut that you either walk up to or drive up to. Easy breezy. Their logo is a windmill – get it, Dutch.

I’ll admit, at first I laughed and made fun of it. But that didn’t stop me from wanting their coffee. They have a windmill, it’s random and funny, I like it. (Good job marketing team, you got me!) David rises earlier in the mornings than I do, so he usually goes for a jaunt as I slowly join the world and get ready. Being the sweetest most awesome hubby in the world, he came back with a latte for me (Awwwww) from Dutch Bros.! Excitement. Once I took a sip it was double excitement – AMAZING. The coffee was SO good. I’m telling you SO SO good.  From then on, if we saw a Dutch Bros., we stopped! I was hooked.

We missed out on the last location on our way back home to Los Angeles. Heartbroken. But once we were home, I sent the company an email  praising their coffee and employees (the nicest people ever!) and begged them to expand to Los Angeles and to the South (they’re only in OR and northern CA). I wasn’t expecting an answer, I just wanted to let them know they were loved. Well, a few days later I opened my email and there was a response from Rita at Dutch Bros.! (below)

Good Morning Tiffany,

You lucky girl! Vancouver, BC! I imagine that trip was amazing. Yes, we are working on growth and expansion. We will eventually be in the South. For now you have to trek it up to Fresno if you want a cup of Dutch Bros. 🙂

Could I send you a package of Dutch Luv? Just for being so thoughtful and emailing your kind words! If it is cool with you, just email me back your mailing address.

Have a great day, Tiffany!


SERIOUSLY?! I get Dutchy treats?! You can imagine my happy dance. I send her my address and conveyed my excitement. And a few days later…DUTCHY TREATS! Who knew letting someone know how much you love them meant getting treats? Here’s the series of my reaction:

I was so touched by Rita’s generosity, I’m spreading the word. And to prove my devout love for their coffee, David and I drove 40 minutes out of our way on the way home from San Fran (Nancy’s Wedding) to Fresno, CA to get a Dutchy coffee! This time I tried the Dutch Freeze, a blended frozen latte. Oooohhhhh SO good. If Heaven was a drink, it would be the Dutch Freeze.

Because of the recent events, I am announcing myself as the official Unofficial Dutch Bros. Ambassador. I’m working on becoming a wealth of Dutchy knowledge. Who knows, maybe I’ll own my own Dutchy stand one day…once they expand, of course (Large enough for great success, but staying small enough to remain charming and personable). 

Until then, Dutch Bros., I love you dearly. Thank you for an impeccable product and exquisite employees and staff. They do you proud and bring admiration to your company. I will spread the world of your coffee mecca and will be available for any marketing and PR tours you may develop… maybe one that involves a windmill on wheels traveling cross-country selling the most delicious coffee known to man (no really, I’m serious, let’s get the wheels moving). Thank you for brightening my world and making me a little more awake.

Cheers to you!


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