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Yup, bragging about my fam.

It’s Curtains for the Shower

I absolutely LOVE creating things for family and friends. The only bad thing about that is I over criticise ever stitch because I want it to be perfect…ok, who am I kidding, that’s with anything I make. But when making something for family I always want it to be extra special. So, when my fabulous cousin, Lisa, requested a custom shower curtain for her guest bathroom, I was nervous. That’s a lot of decorative fabric ,which means more money, so I HAD to get it right. Her color palette was simple – black and white. She had some black and white photos of cotton and family hanging that she wanted to use as the inspiration for fabric choice. After mucho searching, I found three options we both liked and Lisa made the final decision. I was nervous because I had to piece to panels of fabric together to it was wide enough, but what seemed like 100 hours of freaking out over it and much mocking from my husband for my silliness, as usual, I went for it and it turned out GORGEOUS! I’m quite proud.

When Lisa opened it, she wrote me and said she absolutely loved it and it look perfect. She sent me a picture!

And I was so inspired when I hung it up for pictures that I made a new shower curtain for myself.  (Previous post: Getting Settled and Pretty )



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More Burping of the T-Shirts

I have fallen in love with the vintage t-shirts turned burp cloths and bibs. It’s a one of a kind, handcrafted item that no one else in the world will ever have. So unique and cool. What else would I ever make my second cousin to wipe his spit up?

Jon and Mindy had their handsome son, Paul, back in June. Yes, June. I know, I’m slightly late. But, I look at it like I was waiting until all the “fuss” passed and then, BOOM!, surprise gift to make the fuss come right back (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  Nevertheless, I think I came up with some presh designs. Jon is from Louisville, KY, so the slugger and horse cloths are a nod to home turf. And the 70s skiing dude, well, they live in Colorado. Need I say more?

Hope they enjoy using them as much as I loved creating them.


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Treats for my Peeps

Ok, I admit it. I have a hard time accepting help and gifts without wanting to give something in return. I love giving treats. So, when my cousin, Lisa, saved me from death’s door with her cough syrup and an Etsy friend, Jennifer, helped me with marketing fonts – free of charge – you know treats were needed!

Oh, what to make? Nothing too big, but extra special to let the ladies know how much I appreciate them and their generosity. After much debate, I settled on pot holders/trivets and coasters. The next dilemma, what colors?

Well, Lisa was easy – Ole Miss colors, UGH. Now, understand, I’m a hard core LSU fan, most of our family are the same (being from Louisiana, it makes sense). But Lisa has always been the black sheep when it came to football (49ers instead of the Saints? Good Lord.) Nevertheless, I managed to suck it up and cut and piece the fabric together… Of course, playing the LSU fight song and drinking an Abita beer during the process did dull the agony a bit.  

Now, for Jennifer, it was a little harder. We know each other through Etsy. She designed and printed all my labels that adorn my creations – gorgeous, right? I know, she’s awesome. But Jen and I never really chatted beyond our professional messages back and forth. So, instead of guessing I just asked – What’s your favorite room in your home? What are your favorite colors? What’s the color scheme in that room? She answered as if she were my long-lost twin, “I LOVE blues and greens together…and some brown added too. My furniture is like a light olive green. Some may call it baby food/puke green. My walls are aqua-ish. 🙂 Dark brown furniture. I love natural browns, beiges, blues, greens…Does this help?” Um, YES, Jennifer, it does…and by the way, we are the same person.

It was super fun going through my scraps and making art from nothing. And both gals were super excited to get their treats. I’m just happy that I could give something in return and tell them how much I treasure them. Love you gals!

Get your very OWN custom coasters, pot holders and trivets in my Etsy shop!

Lisa’s Response: Just got home to find my treats in the mail! I love love love them- and the Ole Miss colors are awesome ( I know that was hard for you so that makes it even more special!) I am already using them! Love you!  P.S. Great LSU game today!! So happy they beat Bama.. you know that I am a closet LSU fan ( except the weekend before Thanksgiving!)

Jen’s response: Got the treats!!! I got them on Saturday. I LOVE them! 🙂 The fabric is DEFINITELY what I would have chosen…and the labels are just awesome on them! I can’t believe I made those labels…they seem so much better than usual. LOL. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!

Need labels? Visit Jen’s Etsy Shop! –

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Tea Towels for Kendall’s 3rd Birthday

My “niece,” Kendall, turned 3 this weekend. She had a huge, blow out birthday party in the theme of Pink & Green Candy. Because I knew she’d be drowning in presents, I sent a Savings Bond as her official gift (which translates to her as “MONEY!”). She’ll thank me when she goes to college. But I also made some tea towels for her mommy, Bridgett, to use or not use.

When in Ashland, OR, I found these pink and green plaid towels. I immediately thought of Kendall’s party and bought them.

Of course I couldn’t just leave them plain! I added pink and green rick-rack and coordinating “K”s.

I think they are adorable. Bridgett got an unexpected bonus treat and I created an unexpected new product – custom tea/hand towels. It’s a win-win. She put them on the cotton candy table – perfect! Check it out on her blog :

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Coastal Safari – Quilt for Amy

Amy is a special friend of mine. We grew up down the street from one another until her family moved to another neighborhood when we hit middle school age. Our families were made to be close friends. She has two sisters, Tracy and Kelly. Tracy is the oldest, Amy is the same age as my older brother, Toby, and Kelly is my age. Our families had dinner together at least once a week, or so it seemed. We were always playing “cars” on our bikes around the neighborhood or reenacting ANNIE or SOUND OF MUSIC for our parents. I think it would be safe to say we had a charmed childhood to say the least. And all of us cherish ever single minute. Now we all grown up and having kids of our own…ok, the Eswine girls are having kids of their own. Toby and I haven’t even started. We’ll catch up someday.

Amy and a few of her friends purchased one of my Seaside Manor quilts for a friend about a year ago. She always keeps tabs on my work and leaves sweet, encouraging comments (thanks, Amy!). So, when Amy placed an order for her very own quilt for her second baby boy, I was extra excited. It had to be especially perfect. 

She doesn’t have an official theme set, but her colors are gray, yellow and teal. I know, how very chic and modern of her! I love it. During my vacation up the Pacific Northwest Coast, I stopped at every quilt shop I set eyes on. My poor husband, he was so patient with me as I bought one fabric here, another there, then would toss out the first one when I found the third because it didn’t work just right. It was difficult at first because I couldn’t find that “one perfect fabric” that becomes the foundation of the design. But, FINALLY, off a twisty, one-lane dirt path road in the middle of who-knows-where-I-was Oregon, I found the Giraffe fabric and everything fell into place.

The Foundation Fabric – Giraffes

 The Coastal Safari Fabrics

 I am so in love with the giraffe. I was fortunate to stumble upon it again at the Fabric Depot in Portland, OR and bought more yardage for other little projects. I think I may have to make a little animal for myself, I love it so much. The first quarter I used for the Baby’s Mason’s Coastal Safari!

Amy and Baby Mason, I wish for you many cuddle times in your Coastal Safari Quilt.  Hopefully I’ll see you all in person in the next year.


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Traveling the Pacific Coast

I’m out of the office traveling up the Pacific Coast on my way to wedding in Vancouver, Canada. I have wanted to explore this area of the USA since a child when I saw pictures, but my appetite grew even more once I met people in college who raved about it. I quote, “Oregon is the most beautiful state in the country. I’ll never live anywhere else.” Well, we all know I’m a mountain gal, so I HAD to see this for myself. And being in love with Colorado, I was extremely anxious to compare the two states…

We first stopped in San Francisco to see my childhood friend Nancy and her soon-to-be hubby, Andrew. I gave them their wedding gift because I could no longer wait, I was so excited. See her blog for immediate pictures. I’ll post some as soon as I return. . The next day we left for Oregon.

I’m officially in love with Oregon now. The mountains in the west are so majestic and magical. In risk of sounding cheesy, my soul feels alive and boundless when I am here. It’s been raining most of our trip thus far, but I’ve loved every minute. The gray mist seems to roll over my restless mind put it to rest and calm my anxious stomach.

And the silence…purity.

Then there’s the history attached to all the little towns along the way.  The simplicity of their daily life is mesmerizing. One part of me yearns for it and the other half fears I’ll be bored within a month (the life of an ADD gal). Nevertheless, the tales of the fishermen and the lighthouse keepers and families are jaw dropping and inspiring. The two trades risked their lives to provide and protect for the other. It’s beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, if you’re never seen a Fresnel lens larger than life…GO TO UMPQUA RIVER LIGHTHOUSE.

On a sewing note – I’ve been stopping at Quilting Stores along the way…much to my hubby’s dismay. But he’s so patient, precious. I’m a luck lady. Anyway, these stores are SO MUCH FUN. I’ve seen so many different fabrics, I don’t know what to do with myself. And then there’s Fabric Depot in Portland, OR – 1.5 acres of fabric. IT’S AMAZING. I did keep myself under control…or David did, rather. If wasn’t there, there would have been MAJOR damage. But I have professed to bring my Mom back there for a girls trip one day. They have a Quilt Run (drive, really) and we must do it one year. Get ready, Mom!

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can. My card isn’t read my travel computer (it’s an antique laptop, shall we say). But I wanted to share a brief blurb of my travels thus far.

We in WA now and will be off to Vancouver this weekend to celebrate our friends’ marriage. I can’t wait to share more. I am posting pictures as I go to my personal Facebook page – .

Happy Labor Day!

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Festive Wear for a Festive July 4th

I have two nieces, Abby, 7, and Elle, 4.  David and I spoil them rotten, but not too much, since both sets of grandparents live close to them and spoil them enough for us too (thanks, guys!). I am pretty good at sending them treats for every major holiday. I try to make them educational, reusable or useful in some shape or form. This time I just went for precious.

While I was shopping with my friend Bridgett in CT, we happened upon a MAJOR sale in GAP kids – trouble. Bridgett went crazy getting stuff for her fabulous diva, Kendall, while I snatched up two blue dresses for my two divas for 4th of July. Naturally, I had to get accessories to go with them. We can’t have an incomplete outfit, now, can we? NO! I though, no problem, I’ll pop into another store and get some red headbands or bows and done and done. Well, easier said than done. NOTHING. No red, people.

I left CT yesterday, Monday. I spent all day today shopping with my Mama and my “Mama 2,” Mrs. Audrey and we STILL didn’t find what I was looking for. I’ll admit, in the beginning, I was picky and holding to my guns. 4 hours later, I would take anything that looked remotely decent. I found some flip-flops as a bonus, but in the head accessory area – still, NOTHING. So, I took matters into my own hands…and my Mama’s!…and we made headbands and ponytail holders to match with ribbon Mama had at home already. I know, how awesome and green of us!

This is how the hair band will kind of look when in a pony tail.

I boxed it up and shipped it out. Cross your fingers, the loot should be there by Friday. Now Abby and Elle can be stylin’ and profilin’ and whatever 4th of July festivities they attend. GO USA!

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