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Christmas is in the Bag

Every year at Christmas I bake tons of Walsh Cheese Wafers for our friends. Each year I look for a new cute way to wrap them. Last year, I use personalized tags from Perideau Designs. This year we stepped it up to their personalized muslin bags and they were a HIT! 


I loved how I could choose a variety of colors and designs to satisfy the different holidays (Hanukkah and Christmas). I love the fact there are no tags to fall of or get lost and our friends can re-use them; perhaps to store extra light bulbs, batteries or ornament hooks for the holidays next year. 

 And get excited, Bridgett has designs for these bags for Valentine’s Day – perfect to send to school with the kids or to the office filled with treats…or just to fill for yourself. Yum.

Check out her blog for details –


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The Hideous Kitchen Counter is Now Consealed

It’s that time again – Sewing time with Laura S! 

So, the main thing that drives Laura S. the most crazy in her house is the most glorious funky shaped kitchen counter. I was actually kinda font of it. But I live to make my people happy, so I shall sew whatever my dear Laura S. wants.

We spent many hours shopping for the perfect fabric – something pretty, but not too much of a print to where it over powers the room. Finally, we stumbled upon a simple beige canvas at Michael Levine’s Discount Loft Store. The best fabric ever: perfect weight, easy to sew, and a dream to iron. I wish I had more for every other project, I love it.  Once we put up the curtain and I saw the difference, I now agree with Laura S. It was quite hideous.

Once we finished that project, I was in the restroom and asked Laura S. if she had thought of curtains for that window. Why, yes, of course she had, what was I thinking. Long story short, we dug through all her fabric scraps and pieced together curtains. Light and airy to light still comes through (it’s a tiny bathroom), but a little privacy on the bottom.  Easy breezy and done.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish so quickly when you : 1. Are laughing and cracking up with a close friend and 2. Put all fear and perfectionism aside and just DO and CREATE.

Satisfaction achieved.


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Treats for my Peeps

Ok, I admit it. I have a hard time accepting help and gifts without wanting to give something in return. I love giving treats. So, when my cousin, Lisa, saved me from death’s door with her cough syrup and an Etsy friend, Jennifer, helped me with marketing fonts – free of charge – you know treats were needed!

Oh, what to make? Nothing too big, but extra special to let the ladies know how much I appreciate them and their generosity. After much debate, I settled on pot holders/trivets and coasters. The next dilemma, what colors?

Well, Lisa was easy – Ole Miss colors, UGH. Now, understand, I’m a hard core LSU fan, most of our family are the same (being from Louisiana, it makes sense). But Lisa has always been the black sheep when it came to football (49ers instead of the Saints? Good Lord.) Nevertheless, I managed to suck it up and cut and piece the fabric together… Of course, playing the LSU fight song and drinking an Abita beer during the process did dull the agony a bit.  

Now, for Jennifer, it was a little harder. We know each other through Etsy. She designed and printed all my labels that adorn my creations – gorgeous, right? I know, she’s awesome. But Jen and I never really chatted beyond our professional messages back and forth. So, instead of guessing I just asked – What’s your favorite room in your home? What are your favorite colors? What’s the color scheme in that room? She answered as if she were my long-lost twin, “I LOVE blues and greens together…and some brown added too. My furniture is like a light olive green. Some may call it baby food/puke green. My walls are aqua-ish. 🙂 Dark brown furniture. I love natural browns, beiges, blues, greens…Does this help?” Um, YES, Jennifer, it does…and by the way, we are the same person.

It was super fun going through my scraps and making art from nothing. And both gals were super excited to get their treats. I’m just happy that I could give something in return and tell them how much I treasure them. Love you gals!

Get your very OWN custom coasters, pot holders and trivets in my Etsy shop!

Lisa’s Response: Just got home to find my treats in the mail! I love love love them- and the Ole Miss colors are awesome ( I know that was hard for you so that makes it even more special!) I am already using them! Love you!  P.S. Great LSU game today!! So happy they beat Bama.. you know that I am a closet LSU fan ( except the weekend before Thanksgiving!)

Jen’s response: Got the treats!!! I got them on Saturday. I LOVE them! 🙂 The fabric is DEFINITELY what I would have chosen…and the labels are just awesome on them! I can’t believe I made those labels…they seem so much better than usual. LOL. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!

Need labels? Visit Jen’s Etsy Shop! –

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Best Invention in the World – #2 : Cupcake Courier

I love sugar – specifically bake goods. It’s one of my main down falls…my hubby’s too. I never had a prayer. My Mommy and Bevie passed on the sewing and quilting to me, but they also passed on the skill of baking. And let’s not forget to give my Daddy blame kudos. He’s a MAJOR sweet tooth and is known to randomly bring home sweet rolls and such that were sooo on sale that he just HAD to buy them. So, you see? It’s not my fault. It’s a hereditary condition.

I have many gals friends who share my passion of baking. One day my friend, Celia, shared one of her secret weapons – the Cupcake Courier ( It’s AMAZING. You can fit 36 cupcakes in the courier. Or you can remove the trays and use it for a layered cake. Or insert the 3 tray sheets and they transform into brownie trays…or anything else you need a flat surface for. It’s perfect for sweets on the air-tight  move. PHENOMENAL. I can’t say enough about it. All the reason why it ranks at Best Invention in the World #2.

Once I saw it, I had to have it. But I couldn’t quite justify it, for some odd reason. I usually have no problem justifying anything. Thank goodness, another friend, Heather, came to the rescue. She gave David and me a gift card to Williams-Sonoma for our anniversary…and, well, they just happen to carry the Cupcake Courier. Can you guess what our card paid for? THAT’S RIGHT!!! My very own Cupcake Courier! I wanted the blue one – naturally, but they only had clear. But it’s gorgeous, fabulous and goes with any themes. I love it!

Everyone needs one. You want it, you know you do. Do it.

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Colorado : A Creative Haven

Colorado is a very special place for me.

My family always vacationed in the mountains since we lived in Pensacola, FL and  had access to the on the Gulf Coast beaches year round. I quickly discovered that I am a Mountain Girl. I love and cherish Pensacola Beach, don’t get me wrong. I will always return and enjoy those 97% quartz sands. And to this day, I am proudly the BIGGEST beach snot. (The beach out here in Los Angeles? Please, you call THAT a beach? Um, try again.) But dirt, rock, and trees bring a peace to my soul like no other terrain I’ve experienced; and Colorado has been the top of that terrain for me.


The minute I step off the plane my blood pressure lowers, my head clears and my breathing slows. I can’t explain it – it’s quite spiritual for me.

You can imagine my thrill when my two close friends, Doug and Katie, announced they were opening a Chick-fil-a in COLORADO (Aurora, to be exact). The minute Katie called me to share the news, I was online looking for plane tickets. David and I finally nailed down a date and went a few weeks ago to visit and ski, and it was beyond rejuvenating.

On the Top of the World

Doug's Chick-Fil-A

My Chick-Fil-A Favorite

The other awesome thing about Colorado is that I feel like my creativity peaks there. I so inspired by the environment and the other artists there that I get millions of ideas just walking around and sight-seeing. well, this time I got a head start and before David and I flew out, I made a few treats for Katie, Doug, their son, Pierce, and my friend Kristin (who flew in with her beau, Matt, to join the party). I’ve been wanting to try more applique things, so I found a plain navy shirt at a garage sale and put an alligator on it for Pierce. Instead of zig-zagging the edges, I did a regular stitch and then clipped the edges – like my quilts! (Katie and Doug both went to U of Florida – so Gators. It’s really hard, but I forgive them for that – Geaux Tigers, that’s LSU for those of you who don’t do college football).

It's Hard to Photo a Moving 3 Year Old

I also made some Pot Holders for Katie for a hostess gift (from the Ocean View quilt) and some Coasters for both Katie and Kristin for being awesome gals friends (we’ve been close friends since 8th grade, pretty amazing, huh?). Katie’s favorite color is pink – hence the birdies (from the Pink Birdie quilt!) and Kristin loves the aqua and turquoise blues like me (from the Ocean View and Pink & Chocolate quilts).

Made from Scraps - Recycle and reuse

Katie's Pink Birdie Coasters


We had such fun and plan to make it an annual trip. Next year hopefully more of our gal friends will be able to make it. We missed and love all you girls! See you soon Colorado.

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Taking a Break

Sooo, I’ve been doing a ton of sewing this past week prepping for the holidays and I’m starting to go crosseyed. I decided that it’s time to take a break and create in a different part of my life. So, naturally, I chose food. Yum.

When I married Mr. David Walsh almost 7 years ago, I was introduced to many “Walsh Traditions.” Two of the main food traditions are 1. Cheese Waffers and 2. Saltine Crackers with Velveeta Cheese with Toasted Mini Marshmellows on top. I thought I would start with the Cheese Waffers first.

Goodness from God

To make your holidays happier – make ’em and eat ’em all.

1 cup butter (melted) , 2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese, 1/4 t. cyanne pepper, 1/2 t. dry mustard, 1 c flour, 1 cup self-rising flour, 2 cups Rise Krispies

mix all together. fold rice krispies in. create small balls (about 1 inch balls) and place on ungreased cookie sheet. press down with fork (dip fork in cold water to prevent sticking).

Bake @ 350 – 375 for 12-15 minutes or until slight browned around the edges. EAT!

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