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It’s Curtains for the Shower

I absolutely LOVE creating things for family and friends. The only bad thing about that is I over criticise ever stitch because I want it to be perfect…ok, who am I kidding, that’s with anything I make. But when making something for family I always want it to be extra special. So, when my fabulous cousin, Lisa, requested a custom shower curtain for her guest bathroom, I was nervous. That’s a lot of decorative fabric ,which means more money, so I HAD to get it right. Her color palette was simple – black and white. She had some black and white photos of cotton and family hanging that she wanted to use as the inspiration for fabric choice. After mucho searching, I found three options we both liked and Lisa made the final decision. I was nervous because I had to piece to panels of fabric together to it was wide enough, but what seemed like 100 hours of freaking out over it and much mocking from my husband for my silliness, as usual, I went for it and it turned out GORGEOUS! I’m quite proud.

When Lisa opened it, she wrote me and said she absolutely loved it and it look perfect. She sent me a picture!

And I was so inspired when I hung it up for pictures that I made a new shower curtain for myself.  (Previous post: Getting Settled and Pretty )



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Ready for Baby Boy

Moving back to the South from California has been a major adjustment. We left many a close and true friends back in LA – it’s probably the hardest adjustment I’ve had to slowly accept. But the good thing about moving back to the South is that we moved BACK to the South. That means, we’re back where we have old ties. And to my surprise and much thankfulness, I have had many of those old ties pop up and flourish here in Nashville.

One of those is Claire.

Claire and I met blksjhk years ago as Freshmen in college at Furman University (no, that’s not a typo, I’m just not admitting the number of years it’s been because I would have to admit that I’m actually getting old and I refuse to damper my gorgeous fall weather buzz). We lived next door to one another on our Freshman hall … well, my first Freshman hall, but that’s a WHOLE other story for a totally different blog. Claire is from the Mississippi gulf, I grew up down the road in Pensacola, FL, so I liked her immediately. We didn’t become besties during our one semester as neighbors, but I always admired her (ok, and I was totally intimidated by her…but come to find out a few weeks ago she was intimidated by me, which I find hilarious. If we had both just known then!) After my awesome roommate and I moved to a second Freshman hall after first semester (ok, let’s just leave say our third roommate wasn’t so… compatible…even after group therapy, no, I’m no kidding), Claire and I remained friendly, but we lost touch after graduation. So, cut to the chase, when I was settled in Nashville, I began reaching out to fellow Furmanites on good ol’ Facebook. And there she was – Claire. We had coffee one day, started some sewing projects after that, swapped bargain shopping secrets, and the rest is history. She’s married to a fabulous gentleman, has a precious 2-year-old daughter and is having a little boy TOMORROW!  Eeee! BABY!

Well, naturally, I had to make sure baby boy would look great coming home. So, I took a sleep onesie that Claire got at a consignment sale for practically nothing (she is seriously the QUEEN of bargain shopping and Craigslist. Honestly, she should give workshops) and monogrammed his initials. After all, he will be a Southern gentleman.


And in the process, I, of course, went to the consignment sale shopping for my new niece and found another sleep onesie for baby and monogrammed that one too.


Baby boy can never have too many sleepers.

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Getting Settled and Pretty

WOW. HOW long has it been since I’ve posted last? Opps. See what moving across the country will do for you?

We’ve been in Nashville for six months already, which is impossible to believe. But we’ve finally settled and gotten things pretty much in working order. Now we’re working on making everything “pretty.” Since David wants to crush his head every time I mention wanting to paint (we’re renting), I’ve now moved to sewing things.

In Los Angeles, we had  a separate tub and shower – which had a glass door. So, we haven’t had a shower curtain in 8 years. And when I unpacked the one my mom made me when I graduate from college, it was stained and totally outdated. That wasn’t going to make things pretty, so of course, PORJECT!

Our bathroom is extremely tiny, but thank goodness it has a window so you don’t feel like you’re pottying in a cave. But, when a shower curtain is hanged, all the light is blocked. I can’t have that, I love natural light. I solved the problem with a split shower curtain: two panels hanging on either side of the shower, leaving the middle open for the light to shine through. After searching all over town and not seeing a fabric I loved…well, one I loved that I was willing to pay for. The price of fabric these days is crazy!…I saved a TON by using a Dwell table cloth from Target that matched perfectly! (Note: Cutting the table cloth and hemming evenly to where the pattern matches is the BIGGEST pain in the *&%^. Fair warning for those of you who want to follow suit).

The new shower panels paired with the purdy embroidered towels my mom gave us looks killer, don’t you think?

Mr. Sarge agrees; and his apporval is rarely bestowed.


This whole project was also inspired by the custom shower curtain I made for my cousin, Lisa. Her posting will be coming shortly.

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Christmas is in the Bag

Every year at Christmas I bake tons of Walsh Cheese Wafers for our friends. Each year I look for a new cute way to wrap them. Last year, I use personalized tags from Perideau Designs. This year we stepped it up to their personalized muslin bags and they were a HIT! 


I loved how I could choose a variety of colors and designs to satisfy the different holidays (Hanukkah and Christmas). I love the fact there are no tags to fall of or get lost and our friends can re-use them; perhaps to store extra light bulbs, batteries or ornament hooks for the holidays next year. 

 And get excited, Bridgett has designs for these bags for Valentine’s Day – perfect to send to school with the kids or to the office filled with treats…or just to fill for yourself. Yum.

Check out her blog for details –

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There ARE Angels in Los Angeles!

About 8 months ago, Jeff from Project Angel Food’s Divine Design approached Li’l Bumpkin about donating items to their annual charity shopping event that benefits AIDS research. I got about five words into the email and he had me; I was in. I’ll do anything to make people’s lives a little happier and more hopeful.

I buddied up with PIVOT Furniture to create a Lush Baby Giveaway : a Li’l Bumpkin Bankie and Giraffe and a PIVOT 1 Hour Design Consultation, Walnut Playing Blocks and a Walnut Shadow Box.


The Shopping night was unreal; Divine Design managed to completely fill an entire Robinsons-May department building with donated items from lip gloss to entire bedroom sets. I couldn’t get over how much generosity was piled in on place at one time. I was so touched and honored to be a tiny part of it.


It was so exciting to see our donation displayed and hear people oogle over it!


Hopefully next year, Li’l Bumpkin will be able to donate a slew of bankies, quilts, burp cloths, bibs and more. I would love to be able to afford to ship a truck load of goodies. Oooo, perhaps I’ll get a ton of Etsy shops to do that same – imagine, a whole section! Love. Any of you sellers, let me know if you’re interested. I’ll get your info to Jeff.


The GORGEOUS walnut blocks are from Little Saplings Toys. Their products are phenomenal and they are a joy to work with. Check them out: or

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More Burping of the T-Shirts

I have fallen in love with the vintage t-shirts turned burp cloths and bibs. It’s a one of a kind, handcrafted item that no one else in the world will ever have. So unique and cool. What else would I ever make my second cousin to wipe his spit up?

Jon and Mindy had their handsome son, Paul, back in June. Yes, June. I know, I’m slightly late. But, I look at it like I was waiting until all the “fuss” passed and then, BOOM!, surprise gift to make the fuss come right back (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  Nevertheless, I think I came up with some presh designs. Jon is from Louisville, KY, so the slugger and horse cloths are a nod to home turf. And the 70s skiing dude, well, they live in Colorado. Need I say more?

Hope they enjoy using them as much as I loved creating them.


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Pastel Heaven turns to Emma’s Heaven

About a month ago, my friend, Celia, and I had lunch to catch up. It had been many months since we had been able to see each other. I found out she had experienced a terrible loss. One of her closest friends from college, Noel, died of brain cancer. He was 32. If that wasn’t bad enough, Noel was married, to Hannah, and had a baby girl, Emma, on the way. I can’t even imagine what the family is going through. And my heart breaks for all their friends. It’s so hard to loose anyone at any age, but to loose a friend so young and have the world robbed of amazing talent and laughter just plain sucks.

 Later that night, I was making some vintage t-shirt burp cloths and I couldn’t get Hannah and Baby Emma off my mind. At one point I tried to put myself in Hannah’s shoes and I just cried. I couldn’t even start to try to “get” where she is (and never want to). I wanted to do something to help, but I knew that there’s really nothing anyone can do to make it better. And plus, I don’t even know Hannah personally. But still, I couldn’t shake them from my thoughts. By the time finished the cloths, I had made a decision.

“Baby needs a quilt.”

I immediately emailed Celia and told her that I wanted give Hannah and Emma some love and the only way I know of doing that is giving them a quilt to hold and cry into when it hurts and to cuddle and make some happy memories when it doesn’t hurt. I instructed Celia to go onto my Etsy shop and choose the one she thought Noel would like best for Emma and it’s was hers. After much debate, Pastel Heaven won (the nursery walls are a pastel green that matches the quilt). It’s now officially called Emma’s Heaven.

Oh, it doesn’t stop there though. While Celia was in the shop she spied and bought the Giraffe onesie and then ordered a custom butterfly onesie. With the butterflies, I used a tiny pink flower fabric I knew Celia fell in love with when I made the Boob Quilt to auction off for her AVON Breast Cancer Walk. I was happy to see her immediately recognize and oogle over it.

I hate that we have to deal with sadness and pain in life. I hate that we are cheated out of friends early on in the game by diseases. It’s not fair. But thank the Lord we have little reminders of joy and the grand possibilities of life in babies like Emma. I pray her life is filled with happiness and endless hilarious stories of her Daddy. I hope that Hannah feels a little comfort when she tucks Emma in her quilt. I probably will never meet Hannah or Emma, but I hope their days are a tiny bit brighter and they can feel my hugs and prayers every time they snuggle their quilt.

Sometimes a quilt is just neeed. Simple as that.

Please read more about Noel and his beautiful life at:


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